Senior Loads Engineer

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Vertical Aerospace is building technology to revolutionise how people fly. Our mission is to make air travel personal, on-demand and carbon-free.

Our eVTOL vehicle designs represent the state-of-the-art in this new industry segment. We are looking for an experienced Loads Engineer who will relish the challenge of developing new standards and methods in the field through a fusion of applying their expertise in established aerospace processes and the new and innovative approaches that this novel space demands.


Duties will be wide ranging and varied and will include:

  • Developing and updating the vehicle loads catalogue.
  • Generating static and dynamic external loads with tools of varying fidelity based on programme requirements and phases.
  • Managing and supporting external service providers for loads derivation.
  • Steering and contributing to the development of robust methods and tools for static and dynamic external loads analysis.
  • Leading validation and verification strategy for flight and ground loads.
  • Demonstrating compliance of novel designs to emerging aerospace specifications.
  • Conducting a wide variety of analysis in your field to support colleagues, suppliers and partner organisations to deliver on objectives.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering or other relevant discipline.
  • Significant demonstrable experience in the derivation of static and dynamic external loads in a relevant aerospace industrial environment.
  • Ability to apply your knowledge to small vehicles of novel design and operational characteristics.
  • Understanding of typical flight characteristics of fixed and rotary wing air vehicles.
  • Significant knowledge and experience of the processes and requirements relevant to the certification of aircraft, e.g. EASA CS23, C27 etc.
  • Knowledge of propeller/helicopter blade loads, aeroelasticity, structural dynamics and rotor dynamics.
  • Held a position of responsibility for certification activities in an approved aircraft design organisation.
  • Strong technical writing and presentation skills and an ability to clearly communicate conclusions from large and complex datasets.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work in a small, motivated team.
  • Flexibility and interest to work in other associated Flight Physics fields when the needs arise.
  • Previous involvement in test programmes for aircraft loads validation.
  • Proficiency in MATLAB and Excel.
  • Experience with mid-fidelity aerodynamic modelling tools such as XFoil and AVL.
  • Familiarity with FE modelling, RANS CFD and/or rotary-wing loads software (CHARM, CAMRAD II, Flightlab).

To apply for this role, submit your CV and a covering letter to us.

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