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Senior Flight Dynamics Engineer - Vertical Aerospace

Senior Flight Dynamics Engineer

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Vertical Aerospace is building technology to revolutionise how people fly. Our mission is to make air travel personal, on-demand and carbon-free.

We’re looking for a Senior Flight Dynamics Engineer to help design, test and certify our electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

You will work on design, analysis, simulation and testing of our aircraft. By combining your experience and expertise in the field, you will provide technical leadership to help us to understand the flying characteristics and operational potential of our novel aircraft, and then to certify it.

The ideal candidate will have participated in the development and certification lifecycle of multiple aircraft programmes and will have a thorough understanding of how to succeed.


Duties will be wide ranging and varied and will include:

  • Developing technical requirements and planning/executing analyses in support of those requirements, as well as verification and validation of those requirements
  • Creating innovative solutions to ensure our aircraft flies, handles and performs to requirements
  • Conducting a wide variety of analyses in the flight dynamics domain to support colleagues, suppliers and partner organisations to deliver on our objectives
  • Provide technical leadership and act as a mentor to more junior team members
  • Develop a strategy for and then build our tools, methods and processes in the flight dynamics domain
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues to develop the process to rapidly synthesise flight test data to create and update predicted results and enable rapid and safe flight test progression




  • 10+ years of applicable experience
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering or other relevant discipline
  • Expert knowledge of fixed-wing flight dynamics, stability and control
  • Familiarity with handling qualities requirements for fixed wing aircraft
  • Demonstrable experience of holding positions of responsibility for aircraft stability & control and handling qualities in prior certification programmes (e.g. CVE, other signatory and/or authorship responsibilities)
  • Ability to apply your knowledge to small vehicles of novel design and operational characteristics
  • Proficiency in MATLAB and Excel
  • Strong technical writing and presentation skills and an ability to clearly communicate conclusions from large and complex datasets
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a small, motivated team


  • Knowledge of rotary-wing flight dynamics, stability and control and performance, rotary wing handling qualities, and the theories associated with propeller and rotor-driven propulsion
  • Practical flight test experience and understanding of flight test instrumentation
  • Hold Chartered Engineer status
  • Private piloting experience

To apply for this role, submit your CV and a covering letter to us.

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