About Us

Vertical Aerospace is taking transport in a new direction. One that defies gravity, and belief. One defined by sheer technological brilliance, innovation and human ingenuity. One that will elevate everyday journeys, for everyone. And all, extraordinarily, with zero operating emissions.

One afternoon in the congested traffic of São Paulo…

The idea for Vertical was born from the frustration of being stuck in a two hour gridlock. Across the world, our cities are overcrowded, congested and polluted. Urban travel isn’t working. Not for people. Certainly not for the planet. So, we set out to design a new way to get around, and define the way forward. And the way forward, is up.

We are Vertical Aerospace

Progressive. Meticulous. Dedicated. A world-class team of engineering ingenuity; doers, idealists and pragmatists. Together we’re working to realise the potential of electric aviation, from direct transport links to cleaner, quieter urban environments. Only by challenging what we know, and how things are done will we make the dream of all-electric air travel a reality.

Our Team

About 7

Before joining Vertical, Stuart was CFO of Avast plc, a FTSE 100. Before Avast, Stuart held roles of Interim CEO, CFO and COO at Royal Mail. Stuart has a long automotive history, working for General Motors, Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

Stuart Simpson

Chief Executive Officer

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Prior to joining Vertical, David spent seven years as Leonardo’s Chief Engineer on the AW609 VTOL aircraft, set to the world’s first commercial tilt rotor. Before Leonardo, David was Chief Engineer at Bell Aircraft.

David King

Chief Engineer

About 3

Now our COO, Eduardo was CEO of Airbus Urban Air Mobility and led all eVTOL -related efforts, from technologies to operations.

Eduardo Dominguez Puerta

Chief Operating Officer

About 5

Michael was Head of Future Business Technologies at Rolls-Royce where he built over 20 years of civil and military aerospace experience, before joining Vertical in 2019.

Michael Cervenka

Chief Commercial and Technology Officer

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Prior to joining Vertical, Sanjay was General Counsel at OVO. Before OVO, Sanjay was Legal Director at Fortune 500 company Cognizant, and prior to that a technology lawyer at Pinsent Masons.

Sanjay Verma

General Counsel

Fitzpatrick - Founder

Stephen is a British entrepreneur who believes technology, ingenuity and focus can solve the climate crisis. For over a decade, his businesses have accelerated the decarbonisation of the world’s most polluting sectors – energy and transport. 

After founding OVO Energy in 2009 – now one of the UK’s largest retailers with 4.5 million customers -Stephen set up Vertical Aerospace in 2015 to decarbonise air travel using technologies from across the aviation, energy and automotive industries.

In addition to his successful entrepreneurship, Stephen is an active campaigner for climate change. He recently led Zero C, a successful policy campaign for the introduction of a carbon tax to accelerate and support the country’s transition to net zero.

The future
of aviation

We set out to pioneer electric aviation. Because air travel makes sense when it comes to efficiency, but not emissions. Our work shows that not only is the electrification of flight possible, but practical too. Promising more sustainable transport networks and reducing emissions in urban centres — electric flight will benefit everyone and add something a little bit extraordinary to the everyday.


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