Electric Flight for Everyone

At Vertical Aerospace we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the planet you live on to get from A to B, which is why we’re working to enable electric flight for everyone. Based in Bristol, one of the world’s top aerospace hubs worldwide and Oxfordshire, the only Formula one hub, and partnering up with global brands such as Honeywell, we are en route to becoming the first company to have a certified all-electric winged vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

Advances in technology have transformed many aspects of how we live, work and travel, but the way we fly hasn’t evolved to address these changes. Reduce your journey time by over 80% and eliminate air pollution by flying above the traffic with Vertical Aerospace.

Excellence in Engineering

Vertical Aerospace’s VA-X4 is engineered with high levels of expertise with the ultimate aim of making flight cheaper, safer, quieter and removing one of the major barriers to environmentally friendly air travel. VA-X4 will be taken through a certification process through the CAA and EASA in Europe. 

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