Reuters Reuters

British air taxi firm takes flight, inspired by F1 racing advances

A British energy entrepreneur and one-time Formula 1 racing team owner is entering the race to build new inter-city “flying taxi” services that tap recent aerospace advances while steering clear of more fanciful blue-sky visions touted by tech-focused rivals.

12th September 2018

The Times The Times

All hail Vertical Aerospace’s electric flying taxi

Vertical Aerospace has become the first UK company to build and test a eVTOL drone-style aircraft

10th September 2018

The Telegraph The Telegraph

Bristol start-up launches UK's first electric 'flying taxi'

A Bristol start-up has successfully built and flown the UK’s first electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, a significant milestone for the transport industry’s flying taxi ambitions

10th September 2018

Bloomberg Bloomberg

Energy Company CEO Leads Successful U.K. Test of Flying Taxi

Vertical Aerospace completes test flight of prototype vehicle

10th September 2018

Wired Wired

The UK has its first flying taxi, but don't expect any rides just yet

There's another competitor creating flying cars: this time it's from the UK. Vertical Aerospace is taking on Uber, Lilium, Airbus and Rolls Royce

10th September 2018

The Verge The Verge

Vertical Aerospace makes ‘flying cars’ with more grounded aspirations

The UK-based startup plans to launch an ‘air taxi’ service in 2022

10th September 2018

Business Insider Business Insider

This 28-person startup took a big first step towards launching a nationwide flying taxi service by 2022

Flying vehicle startup Vertical Aerospace has conducted the first test flight of its electric vertical take off and landing aircraft

10th September 2018


Are flying taxis about to become a reality?

A recent breakthrough by a UK-based company, which has built and flown a fully electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, suggests we are

10th September 2018

Evening Standard Evening Standard

Vertical Aerospace lift off! UK’s first electric flying taxi could be taking you to work in four years

Vertical Aerospace has successfully carried out its first test flight

10th September 2018

FlightGlobal FlightGlobal

Vertical Aerospace flies eVTOL demonstrator

UK start-up Vertical Aerospace says it has begun flight testing the country's first full-scale, fully electric, vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft

10th September 2018